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1. Burning In The Void

Beyond the gates hell awaits; Scene of bloody gore you're at death's door; Shadows in the deep the end is now complete; Baptized by fire beg for forgiveness but there is none; Kneel befire the master ...

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2. Can't Undo The Damage Done

Verity burns like cinders in your hand; Submit to horror like nothing you thought or can understand; Once it starts how you thought it never could; Scars upon scars, searing pain never felt so good; A...

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3. Hellbangers

Shredding guitars like a chainsaw attack; And thundering drums; -Chorus-; Hellbangers Thrash on; Hellbangers Will rage; Hellbangers Thrash on; Hellbangers Can't be stopped; Black leather and spikes ti...

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4. Holocaust The Heretic

Valley of the kings-Overrun with gore; The world is witness-To holocaust once more; Bloodthirsty backstabbing whore race; Cursed to wander the deserts wastes; Descended of Satan, bloodline of Cain; Al...

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5. Outbreak Of Evil

It's time to die; Death stands behind the door; Satan sends his warriors; Demons break out of Hell; Shrill cries; Angel dies; Shrill cries; Outbreak of evil; With swords and axes; The fight hard; In a...

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6. Pagan Rites

Shadows rise in the graveyard mist; Names are written on the ancient list; The hooded one is cloaked in red; Pagan Rites-in the dead of night; Pagan Rites-grant eternal life; Can the fallen hear our v...

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7. Sterilize and Exterminate

Survival is our only need; Must purify the vile plague; Sterilize the enemy; Exterminate the chosen race; The last dawn arises across the crimson sky; Graveyard of the living awaiting their demise; Pr...

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8. Temple Of The Crucified

Temple of the crucified, where the dead hang putrified; Come inside and witness the end of Christianity; Enter this unholy place of darkness and death; Strapped and nailed to a cross; Your deity is le...

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9. Unholy Throne Of Blasphemy

Sitting death decayed upon unholy throne of blasphemy; The staff he holds brings certain death a waste land where nothing is left; Legions of nobility-procreation of the obscene; Cast beyond the seven...

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10. Warmachine

Violence will rain down on you death comes from the sky; Air strike overhead dropping bombs bring death; The ground troops move in atrocity of war begins; Murder and rape of the innocent victims of th...

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