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1. A Day After Yesterday

Long days passed, We controlled our temptations; Icarus burned your wings on the sun, Days... these seem had decreased its duration. ; Things that we had prejudice, Today are seen as normal... Thank y...

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2. Beside Oneself

BESIDE ONESELF; Today, behind the grating; Sees the sun rise like a square. Walking down to pay; For your mistakes in the life's sphere. ; Someday, a human looks; For all the ways beyond the truth... ...

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3. Born To Kill

Born to the life, made to survive... So, why take a life away? At the eyes of a god, Bloody, but's the better way. ; Not born to the kills, and no remorse feels... But for a hard line born to death. A...

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4. Confusions Of My Mind

I felt falling the rain and the night, While got lost in my thoughts... From the false dream woke up, Lookin' at the mirror's skull. ; I felt blind... While livin' the perfection of a land. Full of st...

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5. Flying To The Perfection

Days have gone, And i'm still alive... I can't believe, but even with all i'm fine. Think to be not the better time; That i passed all my life. ; Mind's against, All the ways i feel... Fantastic hard ...

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6. Nocturnal Illusion

Closed eyes, i'm sleeping on the floor, And can't wake. My frozen mind and false lasting liberty; Hallucinations took away. ; Bodyless souls search me, And found me in my dreams... The twilight time m...

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7. Satan Eyes

Gazing at you, Gazing at me. He's reach is more far; Than you think to see. ; Controlling your body, Chasing your soul... Seek to destroy, Is the one of his goals. ; Two eyes in possession, Wasting pe...

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8. Streets At The Midnight

I'm walkin' alone through a silent desert; The ice of the night dims my glasses. Hearing only the bark of the dogs, While the city sleeps in your dark dresses. ; Passing in front of a strange church, ...

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