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1. Ballads Of The Sun

You wake us happy; You will not leave the Sky; You are the life on the Earth; Sun where are you; Your light heats us. ; Sun we ask you; Sun please shine; Sun is our God; Sun please burn; In the night ...

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2. Kingdom Of Gloom

Sinister darkness fell over the city; Light is dead long time ago; Watching for sun the ocean; Looking for it in you soul; The kingdom of gloom under cover of night; Wicked spirit roaming your streets...

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3. Night Sacrifice

Night took possession over dense forest; Moon is shining in the darkness; Night things crawl for their extraction; The saliva harden of them greatly fangs; Who they stick their sharp teeth? Who they t...

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4. Nocturnal Dominium

The graveyards are under power of filthy night; The graves spread their shadows over land; The fire flashed before the trees standing aside; The gravestone flew up high into dark sky; Nocturnal domini...

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5. Satan's Messenger

Black gloom rules in rage; The underground - the hellish cross; Hell demon in black cassock; Flying above the Earth; Who are you blackwinged demon? Who sent you here to as? We all sinners, but from wh...

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6. Suffering Spirit

Found in dark a gloomy thought; Evil overfills your soul; You are smashed by endless torture; Having lost your mind control; Spirit wants to fly away; Leaving bodies dead; Suffering will long forever;...

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