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1. At The Dawn Of Oblivion

Infernal birth... in the eyes of humanity; Now is at hand; The final dawning of a other aeon Unleashed... The blind flesh eyes crying towards the sky... ; The blessing stands upon thou; Whortless mind...

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2. Behind The Moonshade

Dream lords awaken; From the tomb of eternal sleep; Black gods of ages; Forgoten nightmares of man; The dreamer incubated; In the fear of restless seas; As clouds reveal the moon,s; Neon shining aura;...

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3. Demon Bride

Roses fell pale upon blood from her veins; With letters of love lost in winter frostwinds; All of lost moments fade away with the sun; Enchanting the night ... And haunting me forever; Moonlight enlig...

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4. Eternal Arkana (slavenia)

With fear infested tranquillity; Vilified ...defeat... Nocturnal veiled knives decend throned; Utterly trough the eyes of tiranny... ; Enslavement... black swans to demise; Thy wounds given from insid...

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5. In Samael's Domain

My paradise lost...have seen them all; As whips divine lost in a nightly blaze; Underneath the shadows mask; Darkness writes the end at last; I awake the burning samael; I awake the burning plaque... ...

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6. The Ravishing Day

Unleashed divinity ...the judgement day machinery; Enthroned ... the artificial god, haunting to slave us; Benighted kingdome come... ; Been born as silhouetes; In shell of this forsaken world; Soo bl...

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7. The Time Betrayal

Against all storms of time I´ve marched; Seeking for shelter in thy arms; Looked back into the light of life; And took the step deeper into night; The child of evil in angel form hiden; The eyes of vo...

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