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1. Crimson Gate

The world is coming to the end. When you see the death before you die. The evil rises from the earth. When the hell gates open up for you. ; Indiscriminate mass of murder. Conquer the fear before the ...

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2. Dead End

My aim is nothing forever; No one can take my hands; Enemy stars stays still in me, laughing at my face; Who knows the day you brake my faith; The way I walk away is gonna be nothing; Dire desire, dir...

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3. Gift Of Prophecy

What if you could slay me ? What if you could garrote me ? What if you could drown me ? What if I slaughter myself ? Follow your fate, there's nothing you could choose. ; This world surrounds hundreds...

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4. Malice Against

This virus will decay all the human's brain; Prevailing wrath to beg for life; The pledge of judgement; To unforgiven existence; Well, there is nothing to be left; There is nothing to believe; The sky...

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5. Punch Me If You Can

Dis-obey the crazedfake; Look me in the eye, fuck; Put the middle finger upon the sky; You never trust everything you hate; I don't know what the fuck this means; You are stronger than you think; So d...

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6. Rebellion

Sinful father, your words are fucking false crystal clear; Celestial wings have been blacken and ripped down; He runs away from providence; The entire curse around him amplified animosity; Abused affe...

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7. Vanilla

Wake up, your mind is stimulated. My intense desire isn't kept down if. I take another misery, will you fix me again ? Hiding the truth behind the curse, feel guilty to make them to bear the cruel fat...

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