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1. Alter Deus

[Chorus]; Majestas ab nox, Ut filius ignis; In cantus enerrant; Ad nostrum gloriam; Ad vitam aeternam. ; ALTER... DEUS... ; In profundis ad semper; Consumantum est, Vitam habent et non moriar. ; Et in...

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2. Depressiva Vox Clamantis

"I´m bleeding from my heart, Hearing like weep the silence, My blood run in endless nights; Why? slayed my dreams, Now, I see like vanish the moon; And loneliness is all I feel". ; Her skin yet awake ...

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3. Eternal Dreams Of Fire

Dream of fire, eternal abyss; Wizards and Mortals, magic and force; Crying the words, summoning the signs, Of hell of the horns, this dream is saying:; "DER MENSCH IST GOTT". ; FIRE... ; They drive th...

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4. Evil Of Mine

[Chorus:]; Beyond the infinite veil of universe; Is opening a gateway in the heavens; Stars above, cruelty and wrath below. ; The everlasting night has been manifested; Where a somber angel with evil ...

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5. Hominis Nocturna

Just before magical midnight; when the moon is nearest to earth; other before or after; is the proper time for his rite; Everywhere he finds himself; in the flames and surface of mist; "Now is the tim...

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6. Lustful Poem

The fragrance of virgin attract her lover; Cause she is hungry and ready for love; Her lips speak and kiss desire; Her hands touch and serve passion. ; He feels the smell of her vaginal juices; His se...

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7. Mystique Spell

Mystique Spell... Mystique Spell... Mystique Spell... ; Longing harmful of wizards, Masters from all dimensions. ; [Bridge 1]; I want to find myself; In deepest memory. Wide open the imagination of my...

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8. Noctis Invocat

"La Oscuridad no hubiera brotado jamás, Si el velo del día que nos oculta las estrellas, No hubiera sido abierto por las manos de la noche". ; The starlights in the nocturnal loneliness; Hear thee fin...

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9. Paradise Of Enthrallment

Ancient scriptures of enslavement; Imposed for an injust GOD, Words written for twelve stupid men; Obsessed with the sin and the faith. ; "I Believed in a perpetual being; That is manifest on all, on ...

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10. Thronus Ab Sanguis

Obscurum per obscurius; Laetificat cor hominis; Quia aeternus est; Et omnia vicit... ; Animus meminisse horret; Ad te venit; Er nostras umbras; Ut clamavis cum placere; Ignis lucent in terram; Est imp...

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11. Wind's Lord


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