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1. Benighted Kingdom

Coming... I see them coming; March of the undead spirit thorugh the endless waves of time coming marching off... I see them coming back; Darkened... daggers like thunders; Symbold of Justice; A grown ...

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2. Fuck-totum (archetype Of The Last Tyrant)

War-Machine, Bestower of Hate; Source of complaints and doom; Eye that stres dark horizons, so close; Fed by the Hate of a whole mourning mass; A rotten black mass, voices swallowed by the depth; Dist...

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3. Glorification Of The Past

When reason died; And valour was forgotten; When pride was lost; And weakness became might; When gladio was staid; And valour denied; Sub-human progenies grows; And what a disgust - hearing their lies...

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4. Mars Ultor

We won't tolerate! At the sound of horns of war; The wolf broke the long sleep off; Snarling in darkness of buried dephts; Fire circles in black; Resonate once again; The cry of a divine issue; Once a...

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5. Odium

Que metuunt oderunt, quem quisique odit perisse expedit; No emotions in my eyes; I can feel your rage; And I laugh! No sentiments in my heart; I can taste your hate; And I laugh! I'm the enemy you; Do...

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6. Total Chaotic Emptiness

To eternal; At the search; Of weak fires; Dancing, lonely; Learn and revise; I'm going to carve; Arcane formulas; Of strength; And power; Inexorable; I scale the rocks; Now painted blood; Spotted befo...

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7. Universal Hateful Influence

An immanent power; Come from the Star; An obscure light; Gives strength; Essence is now stronger; Spirit is now pure; Warspirit; Warspirit; A powerful energy; Rises from the 4th planet; hateful influe...

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