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1. A Demon From Within

I am the wizard, thy inner mirror, of thy unconscious; persense. A demon from within; I am the frozen memories, reflections of the past; In dreams I reveal myself to thee, exploring; the meander of th...

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2. Attila

A noble szejke born and bred; Full loftily I held my head; Great Attila my sire was he; As legend he left to me. ; A dagger, battleaxe and spear. A heart to whom unkown is fear; A potent arm which oft...

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3. Butterfly

The sunlight sky is fading, in different shades of dark; A spellbound day has ceased, and drowned within the past; The mighty sun is dying, the fairness torns apart. Those silent days are over and dis...

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4. Carnifex

With ebony-feathered wings through the dark I fly; I am the night-spirit; Like a shade upon the star-spangled sky; Alone, like a voyager of dreams – unknown; I fly away – through the shimmering moonli...

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5. Darkside Whispers

[The voice of a feminine divine power]; "For I am the first and the last. I am the honoured one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin."

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6. De Profundis Clamavi

Laughter, in every corner, the devil smiles within me; Creeping shadows, hungry eyes, thirsty claws from dreams torn free; A spectral masquerade, in eerie veils of dark, the ghosts are gathered in a f...

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7. Demonica

Moonlight strings ae dancing, a violin spectrum upon the twilight mirage; As shades in the specular surface, music surge, the ocean of night; Flickering stardust in rapture, tones of midwinter drama; ...

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8. Frozen To Sleep

My canvas smeared with blood-red tears, Lachrythmation of the dead; By life betrayed to endless sleep, to live within a dream; once dressed as white as wintersnow, now drenched in blood I lay; The pul...

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9. Hokmah Nistargh

From dreams of prudence I shall rise, to flee the grave where I was bound; With wings of knowledge beyond divine; and ride the winds through landscapes wide; My ancient wisdom shall be spread, within ...

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10. In Silence

I raise the chalice high; cursing god, and his crucified son; I drink to ease the pain, to forget your acrid treachery; the beauty you took from me, to decay into eternal sleep; I drink the blood from...

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11. Lamia

The oath of dark enigmas-my return; Requiem-my memorial prevail, the graven; stench aurora to inhale; The latent dreams to burst from moonlight streams; within the cryptic woods that I pervade; Noctab...

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12. Mirrorland

As Diamonds scattered in the dark, from the black side of the maleficent glass; Nocturnal eyes reflects in me-the Mirrorland; Spellbinding whispers, enticing songs of Sirens, to the rythym of my enrap...

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13. Orphean Horizons

Within the winter full moon gloom, where global frost endeavours; Life fragile shades the angels dance, to bless my soul in evil; Enigmatized-Enclosed in white, the path of dreams I wander; To seek th...

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14. Outro


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15. Persephone

Fingers cold as ice to strangle as together we lay in our deadly embrace; The winternight fullmoon proclaims our marriage, our funeral romance under the shadow of death; Behind her smile, within her b...

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16. Purgatory Temptations

Midnight-from starlight caressed by silver shades of the mon; the nightfall-my darkness to sway; As I lay undivulged-embraced in the darkest of tombs; to spawn the purest of wombs; With claws of darkn...

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17. Reverie

Archangel dark in raven garb. Revelation of dreams to follow. Apocalyptic shade triumphant the night. Aroused to guide my shadow. ; Wings of twilight carries me. Through graven dreams and mysteries; U...

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18. The Dream Dominion

Darkside whispers draws me closer, obscures my mind with dreams; From the lurking dark a serenade; Emotions in rapture are dancing my way; Chimerical shades of diabolic plague; The overture of dreamer...

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19. The Lost Garden

Tragedy, Blood-wpt patters of Eden within my dreams. Mors iauna vitae! Requiem-aeternam dona eis, Domine. Whispering chois within the dark. ; I lay as dead, my graven dreams as memories, of the enchan...

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20. Twilight Elysium

Pale and speechless in reflection gazing past; as diffusion to adorn the vast; As the crescent moon adept in glare; by the flames of evil in my stare; Broken by the spell invoked by time; Grim but gra...

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21. Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni

Beware-with the dark I ride as one. When my legacy I reclaim. As a fallen god, with the lunar legions by my side; On dragon wings I fly. Behold-the etheral shades of night; Pletoric formations of dark...

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22. Winterdawn


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