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1. Ctulhu Dawn

Spatter the stars; Douse their luminosity; With our amniotic retch; Promulgating the birth; Of another hell on earth; Shadows gather poisoned henna for the flesh; A necrotic cattle brand; The hissing ...

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2. Hail and Kill

Brothers I am calling from the valley of the kings; With nothing to atone; A dark march lies ahead, together we will ride like; Thunder from the sky; May your sword stay wet like a young girl in her; ...

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3. Halo of Repugnance

The empires fall down, transformed in useless ruins; Nobility of thought? In a material world inspired by desires; The dead hands of religion sterilize the wisdom; Mass of confused beings vanish in an...

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4. Lord Abortion

I was born with a birthmark of cinders; Debris cast from the stars and mother; A ring of bright slaughter, I spat in the waters; Of life that ran slick from the stabwounds in her; Dub me lord abortion...

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5. The Hive

April night-tyme; And we run like mussles through the stagnant nodes of man; Blood-bridges lean towards the gaping synapses; To disarm the stars within us; Hornet hive-dark; Severed wings in vainless ...

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