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1. Don't Tell Me

The reality it's far from what you're wondering; Under a skin suffered and tired; You don't know the real meaning of difficult; When you get everything easily; Don't tell me that you fight for it; Don...

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2. It's Time

Show me the way to forget all my yesterday; Forget the pain and make me feel alive again; Cause I can't see that there's hope in the end; Make my mind free just to believe and understand; I'm still al...

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3. Live Just 4 U

I feel theres hate in your heart; Feel theres frustration in your mind; I can see the tears inside your eyes; You better dry than up and start to fight; I never judge the way you live your life stile;...

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4. Mistaken

As far as I know, you cannot differ the; Right of the wrong; Maybe I'm wrong you might have showed yourself; Innocence you see on jerks; You made a mistake underestimanting my mind; You thougt that yo...

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5. No More Lies

I used to be; A person who doesnt care; With the problem they have created; I used to say; Its not to important to me; I know I was wrong but now I've changed; What hell are you looking for? What hell...

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6. Reminder

Walk without knowing; What could happen; And I know you may forget; What we're supposed to do; For my future I'm gonna make it; Many things are gonna happen; I won't forget who I am; I'm gonna fight, ...

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7. To Be Like This

Open your eyes to know; What reality is brought to you; Live in the dark is like trying to run; Around us suffering and repression; Without purpose or explanation; It's not the future that I want us t...

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