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1. Addicted

As you walk, you talk, you speak or run; as you flip your hair, to the other side; as you pretend that you are smoking; when it's cold outside, ohoh; as you laugh about your own jokes; as you are work...

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2. Dance With Me

I know you're looking at the clock, tik-tok; Watch the hours go by; Thinking about what you did wrong; 'cause she ran away from your side; I know you've been feeling down; 'cause she took other boys; ...

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3. Dive

Oh, maybe I came on too strong; Maybe I waited too long; Maybe I played my cards wrong; Oh, just a little bit wrong; Baby I apologize for it; I could fall or I could fly; Here in your aeroplane; And I...

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4. Girls

Don't you try, to knock three times; you have already left this door; Oh you know, what that meant; so don't you come back no more; It's over were done, and I'm by myself; No not alone, I aint crying ...

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