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1. Carry On

No matter what they say; the future is in your hands; I'm feeling brokenhearted; in every single way; We better hurry up; we're young, we cannot be late; Oh, oh, don't you know? You make me feel with ...

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2. Catching Stars

I've been seeing stars; Falling down your head; Down your head now; And I've been seeing lights; Shining down our lives; Down our lives; Many mountains we will climb; Miles up into the sky; Are we eve...

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3. Home Again

One day you said that I'd be yours; The more times you've left me; The more times you've returned; One day you said that you'd be mine; The ways that you sing my songs; The ways that you looked at me;...

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4. Love Will Save Us

Look how the stars ain't right; Look how it feels; Look how the waters cry; Look how they fade away; 'Cause love will save us all; Look how the moon still shines; Look at its tears; There'll be no mor...

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5. Take Me Higher

I once heard there was a man; Up in the mountains of wales; He once told me he was looking; For the fountains of ale; Take me higher; But even though she claimed; To keep on calling me; I got a name b...

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