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1. Got You

Well if I fall behind; don't wait up for me I'll catch up to you; darlin I'll be fine; I won't be far behind; and if you're fallin down; I'll remember that it's not always up to me; you don't need som...

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2. Hold On

Well it's hard to hear yourself; Think above the noise on our street; And it's hard to cool down; When your body just generates heat; And it's hard to write songs; When you feel like you can't even sp...

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3. Honesty

Here comes the honesty; I want you to promise me; That the way this feels right now; Is how it's gonna always be; Yeah you gotta promise me; Cuz you've got an artistry; That I've never seen before; Th...

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4. Jacob's Dream

Well I'm wrestling with angels; I'm lost in a dream; My thoughts are all tangled up; I come apart at the seams; Like I'm never gonna find a way; I'd talk with the devil; But I wouldn't know what to sa...

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5. Runaway

Why do you run away; From everything; Well I don't need an answer this time; I'm not gonna complicate; For the sake of the war in my mind; Oh yeah but it's hard to say, anything; Though I feel more ar...

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