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1. Carlo's Song

Do you remember drinking in the parking lot; By the trailhead? I see you for a moment, then the morning comes; And it's wasted; We listen to "Only The Good Die Young"; And we laugh about its statement...

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2. Hallelujah

Don't you wish you knew me? Oh, I wish I knew ya; And ain't it strange? Sometimes you speak; And think that I look right through ya; I can't explain; Everything you thought was true; Look at what it's...

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3. Mess

If I could give this all back; I would be home; In the morning I'd wake up in a cold sweat; Take a flight back; To the city I was born in; And I would wipe myself clean; Of what I knew; Was unimportan...

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4. Young Blood

Oh dear, oh dear, I'm sorry; That you grew up so soon; A cold year with no high school parties; I've been drinking alone; I've been drinking alone; So; Don't fear, don't fear their warnings; They're b...

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