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1. (Interlude - Doll)


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2. Adore

A stained wood heart; A soul made of screws; It's true that I am held together by Elmer's glue; When the sun shines through; I will lay with you; On a mountain colored Blue Ridge blue; Cause I'm in lo...

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3. Among The Wildest Things

Though the hours and seconds hold no place; We both know the time is on its way; But believe me I am honest when I say; Maybe this time I help the artist paint; But every word always fell out without ...

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4. Be With You

I don't know how long I loved you; Or when my heart it started falling; Don't care where I'm going; Donít care where I've been; When I'm with you; I'd do anything to have you; No distance I wouldn't t...

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5. Blur


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6. Bros Before Hoes

The lies, they travel as speed of light; You eat it up with some diet coke and fries; Fight for your own, die for yourself; And there you are, in your selfish golden hell; The man who greeds, the sain...

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7. Call Home

Our love is strong; But not enough to change it; And when I'm finally gone; Will you still have the strength to chase it; This is just our luck; And it's always changing; We always run before we crawl...

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8. Can't Move On

It's 4 o'clock and I'm all alone; And I know that you ain't never coming home; Ran into you with another dude; And I didn't leave even though I wanted to; I should've walked away; And it killed me to ...

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9. Closer

Cars they pass us; The traffic stops; The street that divides us; I want to cross; So how do I say; In the most simple; How I feel tonight; I should hold you closer; ëCause you feel so far from me; Wi...

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10. Learn From The Fall

Picking up stakes heading on the road; Finally follow the sun; Home in my heart but now I know; That my days here are done; I can't stay when itís so easy to be free; But I can't stay; I've got this f...

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11. My Favorite Kind

Oh beautiful, beautiful life; Oh beautiful, beautiful life; I set my eyes toward you; You're coming into view; Oh push the thorn into my side; The salt in the wound; Stings like my pride; Trying to fi...

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12. My Love Will Never Stray

Ask me one more time; The answer youíll always find; There's nothing on my mind; You, you could've fooled me; With the silent words you speak; Oh so suddenly; When the winter sings it's raging; And th...

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13. New Beginning

Lately all I can see; Is the wreckage you left when you fled the scene; Smoke and fire; Darkening the city I knew that you stole from me; Staining all our memories; That used to be so holy; Please tel...

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14. Patchwork Lover

I never felt like falling until I fell; But when my eyes first saw you; Was a matter of time before I hit the ground; You said this ainít no coffee shop classic my dear; And I won't fall for those wor...

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15. Show Me Some Mercy

I'm waiting for the day to fade away; Just itching for the right time to come out and play; I can see it in your eyes; You pull the trigger & hypnotize; Better find the floor and start to pray; She mi...

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16. The Death Of Me

With the crack of her whip she had me fall in line; Then she whispered in my ear; You will be mine; Never hit so hard by a speeding train; Black and blue but I dig the pain; She'll be the death of me;...

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17. Waga Michi yo

Naze yuku no ka? nani wo ou no ka? keshite yuru ga nai kokorozashi; kichi to deru ka? kyo to deru no ka? mimi wo togi sumasu yaiba no koe yo; michibiku wa kaze no fuku mama neko jarashi; nasake wo sut...

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18. Weak


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