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1. Facetime For 30

Facetime for 30; Watching you pop it, you making me thirsty; Baby you dirty; We will not tell nobody, keep that shit here on me; Baby you worthy; Hard as she working, she earn it, she earn it from me;...

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2. No Regrets

Mama always told me: Bring me home a nice girl; But Instagram only shows me these gym is life girls; The ones that could be deep; But you be thinkin' that they hollow; And you likin' all they pictures...

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3. Stuck On Stupid

Baby you hiding, baby misguided; I just know how to find her; Say you about it, but you so quiet; Round like how do you hide it; Bumpin' and grindin'; Ride it, slide it, grind it; I keep it silent, th...

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