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1. A Day In The Life

Everyday its always the same; No point in fighting, its not going to change. I'm trying to find my place in this world but i dont get it. I go through the motions over and over. sick of life, sick of ...

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2. All New Low

This is my way of laughing in your face; Taking what I've learned and saying 'fuck this place'; Greedy little hands don't think I see; But now I know I'm sleeping with the enemy; What I hold in my fis...

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3. Almost There

Bustin' my ass for far too long. Trying to even things out. My life keeps following the same beaten path. I've seen enough to know what its about. Everyday I say to myself; by Thiago Samagaia;

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4. Answer The Call

Speak up! I'll never get what makes you so scared; And why we never talk life normal people; You get your point across - safe and sound; Answer the call if you don't like what you see; If you don't ha...

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5. Bad Timing

I feel the burning closing in around me; In the middle of a world falling to my feet; Just when i thought things were falling in place; The ground beneath me; has begun to start to fade away; I never ...

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6. Behind These Walls

Our lives are changing and there's nothing we can do; To stop everything from spinning around, crashing down; If there's a problem I know it's just me at the end of the day to face it alone; Don't ask...

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7. Caught In The Web

We can't win. They're everywhere. Gotta fight back. Not on my watch, not while I'm here; I'll hold on to this while I still care; Turn away from the lies, embrace the anger; And use it as momentum to ...

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8. Dirtier Than The Next

You don't wanna know what I know; I know something about you; What and when and where and who; I don't wanna know what I know; I never asked to; Holding everything against you; I'm put to the test; Di...

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9. Growing Silent

I won't break the silence just 'cause you ask me; I won't change anything for anybody; Somewhere out there I know there's something for me; I try and listen to my own words; They don't make sense; I k...

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10. Hopeless Case

Dead world of regret; That's never leaving me alone; I'm hunted down by memories; So throw away the things I know; You beat you crush you choke; I relieve it everyday; There is no choice to make; Some...

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11. Ill Blood

You can tell me what you think of me; And run your mouth for your friends; Living a lie, you try and make a difference; I'm gonna leave my mark while I have the chance; You're never more wrong than th...

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12. Leech

I will remain convicted; It's not up for discussion; We're not looking for another way; For you to latch on, you leech; For once in your life things are out of reach; Do you words hold so much values;...

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13. My World

Down and out, and I remember when your time ran out years ago. This shit is with me for the rest of my life. The stories are told and I'm still wondering why. You dont mind, you sit around; and still ...

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14. No Time For You

I knew this whole time that you were just an asshole; And now that things get better for me; You want it better for you, so you hang around; It's pissing me off, no fucking time for you; Give it a yea...

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15. Over My Shoulder

You think I don't know - but I know; You can try and take away what I love; There are certain moments in life; And this is one I will take advantage of; I rise - the path I take is filled with graves;...

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16. Pushing On

With everything that goes on; When I never thought it would get worse; There always seems to be something more; That pushes me away; Pushing on. Can't stop now. I relive. I remember. It sticks and it ...

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17. Short Fuse

Bust! Not important - not to me, not to you; This is always something we always have to go through; fuck what they said; If you believe what you hear, you deserve what you were fed; Please don't waste...

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18. Take It Or Leave It

A moment a look and its fucking gone. The story of my fucking life. I see others so close together; and i'm left to look with a fucking mirror. Look but no touch. I see this shit and i lose my cool. L...

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19. Too Much To Bare

I cant fucking take it. It's burning me through. With each passing day, it just gets worse. I cant fucking stand it. Gotta breakaway. Nothing in common, except this simple hate. No end in sight, I wan...

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20. Wound Up

Nothing's gonna happen, I think I'll be just fine; Made up stories, they mean nothing - wasted fuckin time; Goes in one ear and out the other, I don't fuckin care; In your perfect little world, no one...

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21. Wrong Again

I played your fucking game and now I quit. All those times you gave me shit. Another lie, i never asked for it. All those times you let me down;; do you expect me to stick around? I've held it in for ...

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