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1. Dark Side

Thunder, I don't know your rhythm; Rain, I don't know your melody; But I know that the path I'm going; Does not lead me where I want to be; Stay by my side; Fill the air with hate; Your cold hands are...

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2. Empty

Damn, I'm caught in my own hell; Do not think - what do I feel? Nothing's there a hole in me; Search and find empty prayers; Close my eyes, feel the wind; Search and find a hole in my head; Nothing's ...

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3. Last Poem

Alone in this world; Somewhere between dreams and reality; A new dimension opens and; He sees what noone else can see; While the thing inside his head turns faster; He hears some inner voices whisper:...

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4. None Of Us

Considering that that's the truth; Think about it I'm not sure; He is great but I can't see; He is inside us - not in me; Singing gospels when they shower; Hoping, praying every fuckin' hour; Two worl...

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5. Painted Black

Raping my thoughts; Cause I want to forget; Dreams got dark shadows; You've painted them black; It's far away and so damn near; Like fading pictures; Shadows dancing on my memories; Bleeding wounds th...

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6. Shining

Today a new feeling arrived; They say that it's called doubt; Misguided by my own decision; A labyrinth with no way out; I knew it all but now I doubt; If I can see when my eyes are closed; There is n...

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7. Trains

Sometimes we go the wrong way; But we've got to go it to it's end; Maybe it's senseless; But that's the way man's sent; (pushed and pulled to the goal); But where is the beginning and where is the end...

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