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1. Champions

Today; I won't let my words get the best of me; I've been wanting to say you need to change; Your life will pass you by if you look away; Darling you know it's never too late; It's a battle as old as ...

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2. Get Me Out

Your skin is thin; The sky is falling on you; I know what your after; My eyes so cold and abused; I know what your after; I feel the pain wake up inside; I take the blame so I can hide; All the scars;...

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3. Love Me To Death

You are the cell that keeps me caged; You are the wrath that feeds my rage; The moment of doubt in all my faith; The reason I stay; Drawing me in with every breath; Leading with hands around my neck; ...

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4. The Pusher

Follow, follow me down; Down through the gates of hell; Cause I know you better than your mother; Even better than you know yourself; Cause everybody needs that perfect drug; And I could be the reason...

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5. What You Deserve

Tell me just how deep you would dig; If you could bury me; I'd claw my way back through hell; To bring you to your knees; I want to see your face; As you watch world fall apart at the seems; I know al...

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