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1. Anguish

Ever since it felt like I had a grip on who I was; Feelings that I cared about my future were always missing; Because I never seemed to care about myself or what was for my best interest; Losing the w...

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2. Faces Of War

A bright day; The light streams into my eyes; As I awake from dreams; To come true someday; With hazy vision; Came a bewilderment of terror; As I look out my window; My family being chased; By blood s...

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3. Make a Change

[Verse:]; Let me paint you a picture of a story; How life that was once beautiful turned out so dreadful; With skies painted black; And fields drenched in red; This society that seemed to flourish; Is...

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4. Mr. Frilles

Go!!! People living in borders; To keep people out; Even if they have the same blood; Running inside them; It's pathetic; It's disgusting; Why can't we get past barriers; From the beginning of time it...

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5. Sick Of Everything

Kings on top of their thrones; In the mud I'm still dreaming; Awaiting the action That will take everything that is mine; They say its what's for the best; They are always on stealing; They take away ...

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6. Stand Up For The Weak

Oh this power in me is so hard to contain, When I see death and pain; I am about about to set it free, And make you feel my name; You hear them call it in the streets; They call my name in the streets...

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7. Take Back My Life

We are used because of our green, Vultures gather around us only when we have things; They pick us dry and leave us to die; The social ties are spat in our eyes; Oh I used to be the captain of this sh...

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8. Undesirable Company

Haunting; A peace within in me; Could never be found; At the bottom of my heart; A super nova has taken place; The black hole is all that remains; Abusing and consuming; I can no longer get my fill; A...

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