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1. American Dream

I remember you some years ago, telling stories about mankind's dignity; Writing poetry and drinking a beer; A brilliant mind with no bachelor's degree; First robbed a bank to impress a woman; Blind of...

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2. Despite Everything

I can understand why jealousy spins round, round you; Lies will gravitate; it’s just a matter of time; No magic spells, only a note with apologies from you; Glasses of wine that only drag me down; ; C...

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3. Love & Hate

Drowned in cans of beer, facing my reflections; I'm high, so high ... Finding new directions; But I'm all right, I know the game you play; chorus :; I gave you all I could ... I swam against the strea...

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4. No Perfect Heroes

Take a break and look at yourself in the mirror ... You've just got fired again, when somebody questions where's your pride ... - and it's lying underground, or under a glass full of whiskey; chorus :...

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5. To The Lions

Your voice in command, Always drags my soul down; The wind keeps blowing; With another sound; It’s like a broken mirror; Reflecting ancient times; When the hope is gone; It’s time to close my eyes; We...

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