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1. Invasor Ballad (The Fallen Mask)

Hi, im the savior; I'm your friend, ould you understand; I'm here to do your business; Can help your dear I hope is clear; And now youre not alone; Look in my eyes is no the end; And now youre not alo...

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2. Teen Today

My friends are just like me, you cannot disagree; The place where we grow up is like a face under make up; Go to school is not so cool but; l smoke my joint with my crew and then l study; Now l want t...

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3. The Unify Express

Ladies and gentleman; Is time to know; That's about a few seconds are going to start the show; And to understand the message; we have to speak the same language; So let me tell you my message to speak...

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4. You Are In Teatro

Political here; Political there; They are on the stage, and you in the parterre; You pay for the ticket, you pay for the show; This is the end, that's all l know; They speak about the end of war, they...

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