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1. Academy flight song

someone crashed the party; and i thought the worst part was over; 'til she took aim and struck me dead; so now i guess it's what's in fashion; taking part in new direction; i thought i'd covered every...

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2. Parting Shot

Parting Shot; Simulate another mission, cut yourself in two. Not taking any clear direction on account of you. Catapult somebody else into this atmosphere just like your first time. The secrets I've b...

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3. Permanent For Now

Permanent for Now; Hey you boy, what's your passion? I've been choking on thesewords that seem undone. Still thinking of an answer, the door into your brain is locked and now the key's gone. So pick y...

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4. Riot for Romance

Riot for Romance; This party's gone on for far too long, and you're sick of the words in the mouth of that girl. Make conversation but too tired to fake it. Sharpened to points and dressing up to kill...

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5. Swinging Lovers

Swinging Lovers; Difficult to hope for more, is this what you call a weapon? (I damage myself just for you) Offered up to strangers but I could've forgiven you anything. I've arranged these chains lik...

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