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1. Bend But Don't Break

Bend but don’t break give before you take; Always look ‘em right in the eye; These are words to live by; Jim proposed to Sue she said I do; they eloped into a summer’s night; Heading for Loredo that’s...

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2. Breathe

Well I could do without almost everything; Just to give you those little things you need; And I could bring myself to do anything, anything; Chorus:; To keep you warm to keep you safe to dry your eyes...

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3. By My Side

There ought to be somebody by my side; The band is better than the one last night; I’ve been known to blow money on a stranger’s eye; To nurse my wounds and heal my pride; There ought to be somebody i...

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4. Circles

Don’t you wanna fly along with me; Somewhere far away where the sunlight shines in circles; Don’t you wanna be so deep in love; And be loved in return I think it comes around in circles; Magic is the ...

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5. Don't Walk Away

Confrontation ain’t your thing; You say that laying blame won’t do no good now; So before you go and say goodbye; And move on with your life I wish you would somehow; Give me a reason to believe; That...

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6. Never Come Back

Bet you didn't think I heard you; You're always talking all the damn time; About the things you had to go through; I tuned you out drinking my cheap wine; You're always looking for a hand me down; You...

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7. Red Dress

I know I missed you party again, I’ve always had trouble being the man that you want me to be; And I know you wore that red dress you were shining like a diamond; I’m somewhere down in Texas trying to...

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8. Still Missing You

Label said hero; I graduated zero; I was doing what I could to get by; Jody was a looker a high school hooker; She loved to make the big boys cry; My time is still standing seems never ending; got a l...

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9. The Toast

Haven't I seen you here before, maybe you look like someone else. Your silhouette is like the; devil, but your eyes are to blue for me to care. I wonder if you noticed my face, are you still; staring ...

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10. Three Verses

Three verses a song in remembrance of you. every time i think of it, i; Wonder if it?s the all that i can do. some say i?m gifted, others say i?m wasting my time. ; But it heals the soul to hear the s...

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11. Turn To A Smile

Sometimes I lie awake at night and I can?t close my eyes. Thinking about you. ; Times like this I realize that I can?t help myself, I?m crazy about you. ; Ain?t it funny how life finds a way somehow t...

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12. Way Down

Way down at the bottom of the river; There's a locket with a picture of me; She drowned what I thought was forever; She locked up our love and lost the key; A friend of mine heard from a friend of her...

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13. Who I Want To Be

If I gave you up for gone, quit all of this holding on, would I wake up tomorrow feeling better? What if hopes the only thing keeping me from crumbling, the last thread holding the pieces together. An...

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