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1. I Am no Poet

I'm a man with no chance; To know how to seize the day; And I wish someday I'll find out my directions; To run in another way; I keep the strengths right in my heart, Round and round you dance all aro...

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2. If My Heart

When I sin; To all of you; It's just a bad; A bad disguise; But when I sing; In front of you; I just give back; A part of my life; But if my heart could dig; A hole that fits all my thoughts, all my l...

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3. The Loved and Feared

I've not always believed in you; Do you want me to be myself or somebody else; The picture doesn't even seem right before my eyes; And I want the truth; Give me a chance to think to figure out, who am...

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4. Two Aways Of Getting Home

Do I remember; The life in front of me; Those bad choices to get the answers; All that make them impossible to reach; So do me a favor cause you do remember; Just tell me how did I end up in here; Cau...

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5. Who Knows

You know, how hard this is to fill the empty; And you know how hard you try but never succeed; Alone, you fall into some crap to escape; And I know I tried enough I swear that never ends; Who knows; I...

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