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1. Cherry Lips

Nothing inspires; To write down; This feelings somehow; I can't deny; I've lied so many times; A shattered heart will never show me; What I want; Rewriting words I try to find; Some sense in this; A s...

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2. Fall Asleep

They turn their eyes away from here; So I can stand up on my feet; So I run; So I run; So I run away from here; I'd like to burry my head in sand; And than suddenly I would fall asleep; But I run; And...

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3. Gravity

I've tried to look you in the eyes; But something just keeps my sight into my own shoes; I just want to get free from a tie that keeps the ground closer to my feet; With your hands in my chest; Ironic...

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4. Heart Printed Dress

Rode my bike back from the school; Remembering how she look that day; In a cloudy afternoon; Sometime in the month of may; From her skinny cambered legs; To her smile; The bright in her eyes; Stucks m...

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5. Herosuits

How you are now that your friends are out of town; And your girl is not around? Life just runs in to circle; And a week seems to be shorter; Than seven days; It's boring to grow up and have to face it...

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6. Inertia

Ou still can't bought my life for a dime; 'Cause I can keep my ass just safe and sound; No I'll never settle down; No I'll never settle down; Get off my back right now; I cannot breath when you're aro...

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7. Mary

Mary; Won't you come to the bed? And lay by my side; Mary; What will come next? Now it's you and I; When we taste like rubber; We can never sleep; When I'm with you; The clock seems to tick so fast; M...

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8. Old Sweater

Don't know exactly why I'm here; But in front of this; I can't fake my intentions about you; Or just pretend; You're not around; You lay your head in my chest; And so you can; Feel my heart and breath...

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9. Portrait

Sliced hearts with a free stock smiling face; Shattered thoughts; Polka dots; Pants; Flashing screens; White noise, morphine; You got come up to my dreams; To dream like me; Open chords; On a cheap ou...

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