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1. A New Sun

You wonder if you saw their soul, You never will; You try to be a way from this, my love; You want to be a part of the sun; You never stay behind; But if you ever stand a word again; You crawl; You ne...

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2. Alone and Together

I try to open myself, it's not my world; You are afraid of the truth, you try to love; But you keep wonder; You keep wonder... ; Wherever you are wherever I am; Alone and together, alone and together;...

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3. Imaginary You

To talk with the imaginary you, Sunshine, we sit side by side; You hesitate and move away; Our eyes meeting frequently; Are not free

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4. One

I'm alone, so don't depend on me; I am half, the boy I used to be; And I 'm a glance, of what I could have been; I'm a wall that's slowly closing in; But I don't care (anymore); I got no soul; I'm all...

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