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1. Bitter Vicar

Bumped into God just the other day; He had a pair of jeans on; I said “hi” and he said “yes”; and told me I was right on; Said he’s been watching I’d lost my way; I took a step back; I looked him up a...

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2. Book Cooking

One set of rules once qualified; Blinkers came supplied; Once rearranged they mystified; left thinkers, side by side; Logic’s lost to the art of bluff; TV’s used as art; painting over cracks; turning ...

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3. Come My Hour

Memoirs sat upon a dusting shelf; The writer’s now moved on and this is his legacy; Draws me in, against my instinct; I take down this dusting book and so begin to read... ; Born into regret of a moth...

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4. Dry River Finishing

Rivers crying; Forests lying; Barbers mutter; Flags still flutter; Great minds talk it; The unsure walk it; To mention this lie just means that you’ve bought it; These days, these days are passing fas...

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5. Grip

My colour is yellow; my number is one; My purity’s black but my anger has mellowed; And to lose my footing on the slopes of hope; And to lose my grip when I had enough rope; Here I stumble, here I fal...

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6. I Dont Believe In Your Lies

every day they try to fool us; showing the way to follow; wich serves best the overpower; making domination easier; don't be one more; to contribute with to degradation; think for yourself; keep your ...

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7. Leech

Here drives the janitor to refute range; so gently rendered to illogical strains; Within its path lies a coat that turns; where once intent is now rendered infirm; This is the haute couture of the lee...

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8. Pollute And Polarize

Justification should acknowledge; facts so talk of retribution's deemed absurd; you plan for bridges; when there's no river; and you implement without a word; Your "real solution to this growing probl...

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9. Prey

There’s always full stops at the end of stories; there’s always lines that turn a tale upon its head; This one goes for the unbelievers; turns honey into acid and turns joy to dread; The clean pair of...

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10. Scale Climber's Revenge

Yankee searching for your isms; why haven’t I learned from you before? Getting fat on your process; eating your willpower to even up the score; Don’t look to me for solace; as fellatio’s never been so...

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11. Sonny

Sonny said he’s got a job; to do and distribution; don’t come nine to five; The perfect advocate for persistence, from hand to mouth; approach to forward strive; The salesman of the street’s; upgraded...

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12. The Eleventh Hour

You can't seperate life from fiction; your pondering you deem conviction; no choice but to question why; and you the prophet of the insubstantial; a wick can't burn without its candle; no choice but t...

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13. The Prize

Monday’s looking at Tuesday; but the problem is he’s looking behind; Tuesday tries to pass Wednesday; with a feeling he’s left at the line; Thursday going steady; the bounce in his stride’s the sign; ...

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14. Wonderland

Patience will come; to those who find it’s too late; now it’s lost its use; it’s redundant; Hear the wail of machines minus rung emotions; hear the clunking of the soul taker; What was an object now h...

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