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1. I Hate

Rise; Rise; I wont have bitching or crying; For you have all been decieved; You cannot stay still or function; You are a living disease; Yeah, you're killing millions of people; Yeah, you're killing m...

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2. One Night Of Tragedy

You're in my face, all the time; I warned you once, and 3 more times; You're pushing me, just to be; The crazy one you fear when i say all of this; Isn't what you wanna do to me today; That's when i'l...

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3. Pictures Of You

I'm watching the night i'm watching the lights; Over these tree tops a fire thats bright; All that has happened will never be found; All of our suffering all of our thoughts; Promise me you'll never f...

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4. Purification

Dont try to stop me; If you want me then you'll have to fight me; And you wouldnt like that; Shot gun blast your face cuz you dont think fast; So what? no second chances; You suffer and, you suffer an...

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5. Sheep To The Masses

The pride in me is the shit in you; Conform into what you want me to; Feel the pain fill my mind; I have to be to satisfy; I have to be i have to do; Everything that pleases you; Fuck you all fuckin d...

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6. Shove

Shove, shove; Shove, shove; Breathing in the fumes and feeling all the truth i feared; In this vibe i cant word out or share with you; My love; I shove, i hate, i'm breaking down from this; Pain, toda...

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7. Silent

I've tried to warn you, i tried to show you; Its your own eyes that decieve my being alive; Please, breathe, dont give up on me; Please, dont leave, why are you silent; Why did you leave us, you were ...

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8. Sucker Punch

Life's a bitch and so am i; And why is this? Wanna fuckin make you cry; And now you're pissed? I want to take this out on you; I fucked the rest; And i'll fuck you too; Ripping all my skin; I cant ble...

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9. Turns To Blood

Sparing the lives of all my victims; Blood teasing, sweet tasting hatred; Acid licking, head bashing visions; This is my life and you're invited; Right inside; Rivers of your blood; Diseased companion...

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