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1. Bes de Llum

Caminaras pel mon; amb passos ferms, Alsu; res no pugui torbar-te. ; Llum, besa-li la pell; abraca-la tendrament; no et descuidis de mimar-la. ; El niu ja es a punt; els bracos son oberts; per rebre e...

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2. Endless Ice

The cruel snow; Falls over wings of butterflies. But I still believe; That those who laugh; And those who dream; Whose hearts are gleaming; And songs fly high; They must not die; They must not die; Ne...

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3. Fairytale

Where does she live? My true and fair one; In the end of the world; Where falls the sun. ; In the lost realm; Of ancient oaks; She sleeps alone; And can't wake up. ; - What do your seek so far from ho...

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4. For The King's Advice

In our days of sorrow; With tears in the eyes; I went to the oaken palace; For the king´s advice; I´ll tell about the strangers; Who came from the southern lands; Who burned our wooden houses; And sto...

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5. Gudrun

The autumn rain washed away; The glow from the childish cheeks; Why you're unquiet, my heart? The harvest ripened; For high songs and joyful feasts; But my lord is called to part. ; The night; Moonlig...

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6. King Wolf

A strange dream; Came this winter night; It filled with screams the palace; And disturbed my heart. ; I'm King-Wolf; Horror of the foes; Son of the Immortals; Weapon of the Gods. ; My lord! Son of the...

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7. Snowy Laces

The pale winter maid; Was crying all the night; Plaiting snowy laces in my lips. My eyes are frozen lakes; My hair is forest paths; Crowned with icy wreath. ; For I passed you'll cry for me; You think...

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8. Springless

You see, snow is falling; The ways are hidden; I'm ready to run away; As if there's nothing to loose! All the poems are packed; All the winds are harnessed. Could you run away with me; As if today was...

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9. Starkad

In the silence of years; We all are spent; But who will dare to forget?! The time when heroes were fighting; For faith and glory, Honor and pride of the dead. ; I was cruel and noble; Like a northern ...

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10. The City

That night; The snow was falling; To your streets; And you smiled and trusted me; And you shared with me your dance. ; Then; You stayed there; And I was gone; Like all those forgotten ones; Couldn't l...

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