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1. At Least I'm Drunk

Just one more drink; Of whisky and I think; I'll be alright; Gotta be alright; Champagne goes pop; And gin just cracks me up; But I'm alright; When jack is by my side; Take good care of my grave; For ...

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2. Gasoline

454 and her thirst ain't little; Baby sucks gasoline; Gonna kick down and head for the city; Baby sucks gasoline; Gasoline; I'm on the dry if you know what I mean; Gasoline; Caught stealing; Gasoline;...

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3. Rifle Down

Donde estan las senoritas; Wanna put some miles on my odometer tonight; Venimos de tijuana; 13 days in the desert and I need a drink; Sister won't you put your rifle down; I might take you home if you...

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4. The Devil Dealt The Deck

Mooch mooch! Played the big blind, got a free ride; From the bottom of the deck; Every sucker, holdout man; Better watch the devils hand; All paper players and paintermen; Rolling high and dealing cra...

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