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1. Candel

Its a candel; Melted wax on the tips of my tongue; Melted wax cap; It's a melted candle; I don't have long; Before darkness comes and falls; Candel is my life span; And the wicks burn out; Can't wait ...

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2. In The Clouds

In The Clouds; its 5-9 wheres my life; butterfly i set you free; you didnt come back to me; i cried though your eyes; see it was never meant to be; he cried out to the sun wheres my love gone; he saw ...

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3. Remember Painfully

There was a match made in heaven; couldnt destroy their love for one another; wedding bells would sing and ring in a week; it was a perfect fairy tale sotry; Match made in heaven; that didnt happen; h...

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4. Samarobryn

So great a famine through a pestilent wave; will extend it's rain over the length of the artic pole; Samarobryn 100 leagues from the hemisphere; Shall live without law, exempt from politics

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5. Supernova

Starbright Starlight; everyones gotta like; real love ran away; talk to her every day; supernovas followin me; she just cant believe; i need to fuckin breath; she killed the you in we; supernovas a wo...

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6. Tears Of Love And Sadness

She doesn't realize the pain i go through everyday; For the one i truly love forever; No questions asked i'd do anything for her; To be in my arms and life again; I don't wanna sleep today gonna die i...

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