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1. Cat Scratch Fever

Well I don't know where they come from; But they sure do come; And they'll be comin' for me; And I don't know how they do it; But they sure do it good; And they'll be doin' it for free; They give me c...

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2. Crazy Love

Let me tell you a little story 'bout me and a girl; Breaking all the rule in a fairytale world; Do you know what I mean; We were high school sweethearts so in love; My everything from heaven above; Th...

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3. Don't Go

Staring out the window, you're not there; I guess my dad was right when he said; That love isn't fair; Lord, I've got this feeling so alone; I've got to get my baby back; To make this empty house a ho...

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4. Freight Train

They tell me what t'do, they tell me what t'say; They try t'tell me how t'live my life; Each-n-everyday they're walkin' over me; Gotta let go, gotta set me free; They, they don't care what's wrong or ...

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