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1. Forever Mine

When the world says; It seems wrong; There's something about you; That makes me strong; You're like a song; And I know; My place is here, beside you; Before I met you; Nothing made sense; I didn't kno...

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2. Happiness

I wonder Why; Different Things are always seen as wrong; We don't follow the society; And It doesn't make of us; The worst people in the world; I already thought about changing; But we wouldn't be tru...

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3. On The Radio

You took your pleasure from my pain; You got me feeling like a nothing; I walked with my head down; Why were you so mean? Have you forgotten how you've made me cry? Then you come with this fake smile....

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4. U

I'll always remember moments to laugh and cry; You show me how to love; And how we can love in a special way; And I am so grateful for all the times; You show me how to keep my feet on the floor; But ...

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5. Yourself

In your eyes I can see; The innocence of a kid; But inside I know; there is a strong woman and not just a little girl; Why are you like that? Doing whatever comes to your head; It seems so complicated...

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