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1. My Fallen Garden

My garden is where I sleep . It's scent and the sun notish me . I walk on its lawn and its damp . I feel secure of the cold . ; How could they find my gate ? They conquer my love . How could they see ...

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2. Our King Falls

I share thy grief , though I feel your; love; A god they crown , though they share; our lust . My king I submit , their path I'll; take; too . They harvest yur tears , your grief is; our . Your messen...

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3. Selene

The orchestra plays in soft tunes our; melody , through the sky , the wind , cold , streams; it away , and the warmth of your hand holds my; templing desire , voices in back , whispering to Selene ......

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4. The Last Goddess

It's not the beauty of your heart; that keeps me inside . It's me and when I lose my pride . ; Now you fly again and I have broke; your heart , but the grief I'vebare also breaks my; heart . ; A light...

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