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1. Age Of Unknown

Lying here alone again; Waiting for someone to care; If I try to smash the silence; Would anybody hear me then? One mind so infected; With a soul so purified; My face under water; See me drifting away...

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2. Dark Visions

Nocturnal visions reveals; Nightfall embraces my hateful cries; In the chambers of a darken heart; A black flames burns forever... I am forsaken; Storms from hell embrace the skies; All I find – absen...

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3. Godhead

Godhead, Superior, Deicide, Predator; With greed I’m pushing the sweetest; Of death through my channels of life; No regrets, no return; I will make my body so golden; Fill me up with aggression and ha...

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4. Morbid Appealing

Burn me father for I have sinned; Rape me father for all I am; Kill me father for the fake I am; Surround me angels surround me whores; Trade this illusion that I called life; Give me your hell what I...

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5. My Sphere

Blind trust with a mind collapsing; Missing human structure; Became the child of obedience; In my room of fantasy you die a little more; In my room of fantasy I feed my pleasures; Carve my name in ple...

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6. Optional Existence

Realize my eternal wishes; All my hope is vanished and gone; Memories are clouded by sorrows; As I count the marks that stains my skin; End is near as I making my way; All my nightmares are fading awa...

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7. Process Of Life Separation

Failed to fit the design of yours; I hide my face; Desperate cries in mind it echoes; I’ve walked the shadow far too long; These four walls keeps closing in; Hidden away, I am the shame of yours; This...

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8. Scar Salvation

Only to be left alone; I crawl back into my own world; Behind the gates of misery; I shall find my happiness; The wicked I am, the shadow I am; Salvation I seek for all to come; The sorrow I feel, The...

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9. Sect

Million lies now I understand; I am not the son of yours; All my life you have guided me; In a world of faith fucked believers; Paralysed I have always been; Never seen the sermons’ fake; Now I know, ...

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10. Soulwounded

Awoken from my sleep; To feed my demons thirst; As you raped my soul I will spit your blood; On your made up fucking god; Step inside my maze of death; To face the evil in my desire; As you try to run...

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