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1. Evil Ninja Wrath (remastered)

On the parking lot there's an empty space; Who could be so cruel, this is evil beyond evil; To steal his four wheel dragon drinking fuel; -oh, big block 350 hp, i miss you... ; Suddenly as a flash fro...

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2. Feel The Steel

Clench your fist, determined to fulfill your quest; lay your enemies down to rest; Come forth ninja guru and listen to these words; Your sword is your religion; Practise on fruits until perfection; Dr...

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3. Ninja Meditation

A long time ago in the deep woods of shironhismo; warriors of the night ruled the land; Devided into clans after the fall of the empire; constant fighting eachother for glory and pride; Far away beyon...

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4. Once You Go Black

Friday night, feel the excitement running; we're only out to get some pussy tonight; starting at the dojo with some friends; drinking saké, throwing knives; Ooh, can you feel the heat; Ooh, we will ow...

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5. The Way Of Life

Inherit the blade, take your place on the field of honour; let the wisdom of ancesters guide your Ninja path; To face lethal enemies, you must move unseen; Strike like a flash, leaving nothing but smo...

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