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1. By Purpose Not By Plan

Wood panelled garbage lines my street. street lights light fires on high heat. you pay - hell no, it's my treat. this kind of panic's no small feat. everyone's got all kinds of demands - everything th...

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2. Catholic Fashion

Hell with no tercels is the worst hell. five minutes after brakes; chasing windmills. we were all born short, that is why we wear; heels. even the pope wants that bass you feel. he's got tinted window...

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3. Feverish Dream

Why haven't we crucified ian mackaye? he should be deified, not hidden; behind velvet underground lies! but while we're at it i give my; support to all sorts of good sports, not the lords of 6/4 but t...

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4. Film-video

Fuck that! the hypocrites won that shit, and like ten years on folks say "it's in the evidence." the coincidence that slipped is the populace is split, "and there's not a goddamned thing you can do ab...

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5. Invasion Party

Little grey bubbles, friend of mine in trouble. liberals all huddle. new extreme is subtle. gradation is the key, black & white world crumbles. quit shaking yr class struggles! sick of money scuffles....

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6. It's Allright To Fight

You're going home in a fucking ambulance! fisticuffs in the street, we're intellectuals admitting to ourselves we're collective animals. collection of west coast avengers annuals, pop psychiatry and t...

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7. Jam Band Death Cult

Werewolfing as an excuse to not go out, '83 vintage that comes from without. having gunjets that killed all the scouts to protect a hoard of records of a rock called "kraut". can you dig it? well can ...

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8. Positive Laser

Have at you! all of us smiling attack you. the only thing we're opposed to is yr bad attitude. so plan is: blow it up with satisfying blastitude. longitude is sucks, so hermeneutic latitude. the new d...

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9. Shake It Off

Here's a good reason why i get riled: i spent my teen years as an only child, didn't meet my siblings 'till i was 25. second proud owner of my grandmother's smile. and what is the difference between y...

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10. We Finish Third

She has a revolver, well i have a monsoon! deep in the carpet of a hotel room my feet sit. three heads like doom, just not zen yet. this quartet would like to rend it weaponless. i watch the sunrise e...

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