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1. All The Same Way

Its no bother, without a better way; Try to chang? what for? Don t dirturbed my day; Some time; Raisin as the wind; To lose the friends? what for? Feel more of you; Yee; For the friends for the life; ...

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2. Forgiveness

I live inside of this empty box; I keep alone hating day by day; I just stay inside this darkness; I don'tbelieve in you any more; Forgivness! Come with your lies; And you will be hurt; Worthless! Con...

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3. Start to Believe

You live you die; You run to fight; You cross the nothing; Don't lie, don't lie, don't lie! It have a dream? It have a dream? Now will happen; OOh; Just believe in the your future! No, no, will die fo...

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