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1. 33

Today would have been our demise; If we turned thirty-three; As the prophets all said:; We made our choice; As if we ever had a choice to make; Nailed down to our hands; How much will it take to chang...

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2. Anxiety Report

In these empty streets... Now this place gives me nothing; Still it's all I've got; There's nothing that can save me now; And it feels like I'm buried alive; Now I'm sad to say; I'm leaving it all beh...

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3. Cardiac Arrest

With open arms; I embrace my executioner; With a smile on my face; I welcome you; My last breath; I beyond the point of fear; Cuz I've been afraid too many times; And when the watching crowd fall sile...

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4. Discontet O.d

I tried to put it behind but it just keep coming back; And I've done all that's possible; I can't keep up; And when I've done all that I can; And there's nothing left to do; I pick it up with my blood...

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5. Euthanasia

Are you down? So down? Slow down cuz it won't get no good; Low? So low? I know it can only get worse from here; It turns black from grey; There's no way of getting up now; Now when you are down; Cuz y...

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6. Everything Went Black

When these wounds were the only thing for me to; Keep; Everything went black; This river of blood is seeping from my open sores; Everything went black; Nothing to bring me the light; Why? Everything w...

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7. Inferno

The clouds look black tonight; My will to redeem in spite; My thoughts look pitchblack tonight; To follow me on a journey inside; To climb down all the stairs where; The bad is divided from the good; ...

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8. The Day Before The Day

I; I don't believe in the same things I used to do; But I`ve got nothing new; Cuz everything is constantly changing and moving ahead of me; Too much of those grey days; To much of those things I`ve se...

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9. The End

I can't remember when all of this began; It seems so long ago; Nothing changes I know; I thought that I had the world in my hand; It slipped through my fingers; And I thought that I could believe agai...

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10. The Long Sleep

We are the infected ones; We are the broken ones; They; They are dead a buried ones; And they`ve proven us wrong; We thought that we could hide from death; And that we had all the answer; But it`s pla...

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11. The Strategy Of Fear

Kneel down and prey; Innocence is gone; Choking on the ashes; Buried in debris; Drowning in a pool of blood; Cities in decay; Nothing left alive; This is the strategy of fear; When it all comes down t...

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12. Them

Take me; Into the fire; The truth is bleeding; Like an open wound; It's buried deep within; You can't escape it; Wherever you hide; It's gonna find you; Behind the eyev; Hollow; It's not forgotten; An...

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13. Watching The Train Go By

I thought I could here you; When I was standing on the ledge; Watching the train go by; I'm leaving you all alone; Hope made me paranoid; We must take the leap; So take my hand; Lets meet the time up ...

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