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1. A Call From The Vatican

Guido... Guido... ; I was lazing around my bedroom when you called and an; idea occurred to me I thought you might be…; Wondering about, Guido... ; Who’s not wearing any clothes? I’m not! My darling, ...

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2. Be Italian

So you little italian devils; you want to know about love? Saraghina will tell you; If you want to make a woman happy; you rely on what you're born with; because it is in your blood. ; Be Italian; Be ...

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3. Cinema Italiano

I love the black & white; I love the play of light; The way Contini puts his image through a prism; I feel my body chill; Gives me a special thrill; Each time I see that Guido neo-realism; I love the ...

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4. My Husband Makes Movies

My husband makes movies; to make them he lives a kind of dream; in which his actions aren't always what they seem; he may be on to some unique romantic theme; some men run banks some rule the world; s...

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5. Take It All

You want my love? Take it all; You want to watch it all come off? Take it all; Come on now; Show me how; You take it all; You want my glove; Are you enthralled? You want to see it slip away and watch ...

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