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1. Don't Get No

Drinkin' all night long to sad country songs, it's driving me insane; Drownin' my fears in cheap American beer, lookin' for somebody to blame. Head for the mountains, go for the gusto. You only go 'ro...

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2. Feelin' Kinda Froggy

My grandpa Doc was a wild old man, if what I heard was true. He loved Wild Bird and raised horses, and fought in World War Two. Now he and his brother married the same girl, and if you're still confus...

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3. He's Gone

Sally was the apple of Johnny's eye; Johnny had ramblin' on his mind; She'd called his house late one night; Almost died when she got the reply; He's gone, he ran; Gonna join a travelin' band; Gonna s...

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4. Lookin' For Somebody

Driving, driving in my car; Down by the singles bar; Tell me, tell me where can I find her; Tell me, tell me, has anyone seen her? Saw her picture in a girlie magazine; Just might have been my wet dre...

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5. Shakey Puddin'

When I was 10, froggy 'n' bad, the first taste of puddin' I ever had, my sister's friend, sweet little Sue. In the backyard, in a little shed, first time that I was fed--- that tasty dish, just for tw...

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6. She's So Cool

Pasted pictures on the wall of groups she's never seen; A walking, talking tribute to the fashion magazines; Too hip for the suburbs; Too scared of the streets; All she wants out of life are rave revi...

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7. Wreck Of The Old '97

Well they gave him his orders at Monroe Virginia; Saying Steve you're way behind time; This is not 38 but it's old 97 you must put her into Spencer on time; Well he turned around and said to his firem...

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