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1. Asherah's Hourglass

Torn between two heavens; Weighing truths beyond the sand

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2. Black Malice Alchemy

A new state of genesis; Untouched; Provision to the starving array; The ravenous, the defiled; And with hope, the corruptible; Are we now the blight? Through the burning; The purification; This self d...

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3. Black Malice Construct

Diminished; The aegis torn apart; Exposing the core; Relentless viral decoding; Raping the depths of my mind; Optical stimulation; Illusions holding my fixation; Purge system engaged; Systematic chain...

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4. Chimerism

I have opened a door sealed shut; Back to where I began; Through the depths of existence; Transversing the webs of subconscious; I make my way to the source; The core; Unresolved and unanswered; I hav...

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5. Descent Into Chaos

Sentiment has proven its worthlessness; In this discordant existence; And now my anima has been sealed away; Cold, mechanical, and ruthless; I assume a new path with the same destination; Destroying e...

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6. Heavy Lies The Crown

Descending; Submersed in the cold grasp of inertia; Shrouded in these blackened wings; Where I will sleep; Listless; Callous of the wake; Fear is God on this spiteful earth; And to the earth I plummet...

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7. Masterpiece

Developed perception; In cognitive immersion; Masking the certainty the reality; In this design, I find solace; Yet the depths of regret; Set this altered mind faltering; Again and again, I watch it d...

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8. The Awakening

And so it begins; From a resting place of memories; Lost so long ago; The faint echoes of life; Resounding from deep within the flow of time; From what did these sands of fate begin to fall; Forcing u...

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