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1. Caught Up In A Rush

Rush, just like I told you; Can you read my fortune now teller; I can see the full moon on the rise; I'm living in a big house, I tell you; I need another woman and I tell you no lie; Tell me that you...

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2. Desecration

"Here lies the bones of the; Most illustrious Michel de Nostradamus; The only one in judgement of; All mortals, worthy to write; With a pen most divine; Under the influence of stars; Of events to come...

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3. Henriette

On my own I've been wandering; Lord knows where I've been; I keep on looking, wishing and wondering; Time and time again; Now your face has captured my heart; I only pray that it's not too late; Anoth...

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4. Inquisition

Let's find him, defame him; He'll kill the King; Let's blind him and blame him; For everything; I'm on the run, no time to rest; No one must know where I am; But I have the power to open every door; O...

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5. Introduction

In the year 1503; A baby was born who was destined to be; Talked about for many centuries a man of; Great substance who worked with the; Mystical arts in a time when such things put; The fear of God i...

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6. Pieces Of A Dream

In the forest and in the town; In the fields, where my people gather round; Happiness, I am for real; And I know I belong; And I can't be wrong; Cause I've been giving you, giving you; I've been givin...

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7. Plague

Bring out your dead and pray to God that he will save you; Paint a cross upon the door and pray to God to spare you; Pestilence disease a plague of mass destruction; Struck down with fever for all his...

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8. The Eagle

"Before the war comes; The wall will fall; The Great one to death; To sudden and lamented; Born imperfect; The greater part, The guards will swim in blood; Down by the river bed; The King will lose hi...

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9. The King Will Die

Who is the madman prophetic charlatan ? Who is the madman predicts the death of kings ? We see no lions where's this cage of gold; Who here among us says a thing so bold ? Who needs you Nostradamus ? ...

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10. Try To Live Again

Try to live again; Well, I know I can make it -; It's written on the wind; First let me wipe this tear from my eye; So I can see you standing in the front of me; Try to love again; Well, my arms want ...

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