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1. Dance With Me

Well it's hot in Nevada; And I ain't had a lotta luck; Since I came into town; But I knew I was all in; Soon as you came walking up; I was laying 'em down; Something 'bout the way you look tonight; Sh...

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2. Drunk Over You

Been a couple weeks since you up and left; And I ain't gonna lie, girl, I've been a wreck; Goin' out every night tryin' to forget; With some help from my friends Johnnie, Jack, and Jim; Gettin' so fad...

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3. Good At Loving You

Yeah, I tried to do right but I ain't no saint; Try to show up early but I'm always late; And I'm doin' my best but I just can't dance; Tryna learn how to cook but I got no chance; I ain't got a Phd; ...

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4. Good Time

We just tryna catch a good time; Even if it takes all night; Pass that bottle 'round the campfire; Sippin' apple pie moonshine; Yeah, we pickin' on them guitars just right; Everybody singin' "Dixielan...

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5. Paradise To Me

Got a three day weekend and everybody's loadin' it up; With my Raybans on and a Yeti in the back of the truck; I'm ridin' shotgun, playin' Dj; Mixin' Willie and Hank with some Ying-Yang; Got the windo...

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6. Way Back

Remember how we used to paint this town; Goin' muddin' with the windows down; Drinkin' liquor out your old man's stash; Man, we caught hell for that; Played ball together, got high together; Everythin...

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