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1. Bienvenue Dans Ma Vie

Bienvenue dans ma vie; Tout est brillant ici; It's warm inside; My door is open wide; Don't stand outside... ; You can see from far away; It's a kind of place you'd like to stay, Kick off your shoes, ...

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2. Cool My Heels

Cool my heels when the heat is on; Slow my wheels when it feels so wrong; Fool themselves but they won't fool me; Who else is gonna make them see? Everything is moving way too fast; There's only one w...

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3. First Lady

First lady, move me; Tell me of your song; It's sad but true; Touched by the feeling memories I adore; I'm glad I have you; My lady, very first lady; Cherished songs you passed on to; I feel compelled...

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4. For Another Day

Where do I star now? There’s so many things to dream before the morning light; Sending my heart out; What will I see before I open up my eyes; Before the sunrise? Don’t it seem strange how; Dreams jus...

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5. God Bless The Child

Them that's got shall get; Them that's not shall lose; So the Bible said and it still is news; Mama may have, and your papa may have; But God bless the child; That's got his own; That's got his own; Y...

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6. I Believe

There comes a moment when my heart must stand alone; On this lonely path I've chosen; Like a house thats not a home; Sometimes when I feel I've had enough; And I feel like giving up; You willed me to ...

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7. Je Dois Tout Faire A Manière

Je sens que sa ne march'ra pas; Et que malgré moi; Le vent tournée; Et que tout vas basculer; Quoi que l'on fasse ça tourne mal; Et ce n'est pas normal; Comme c'est dur à dire; Mais je dois...

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8. Necessary Evil

Come, baby, time to play, you know; I want it bad, you too; Yeah, baby, its okay if it drives me mad, cuckoo; Maybe I love it, maybe I need it; Maybe there ain't no other way; to try and please me; No...

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9. Take The 'a' Train

You must take the "A" train; To go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem; If you miss the "A" train; You'll find you missed the quickest way to Harlem; Hurry, get on board, it's coming; Listen to those rails...

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