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1. Fly Again

This is my song to say I am sorry for; The way I love you wrong; Please forgive me when I do what I do; I make mistakes if I were you I know I already be gone; But you stay because you know it's true;...

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2. Glowing

This is my confessional; Seven seconds till I hit the ground; But you saved my life! Now I feel indestructible; So protected when you're around; Yeah, you saved my life! Bridge:; You make me, you make...

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3. Heart Attack

Putting my defenses up; Cause I don't wanna fall in love; If I ever did that; I think I'd have a heart attack; Never put my love out on the line; Never said yes to the right guy; Never had trouble get...

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4. Kill, Fuck, Marry

Kill, Fuck, Marry are the things I wanna do to you; Your love drives me crazy but my bullets pass right through; And passion feeds lust when the trust is questioned; And the going gets tough when the ...

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