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1. Black Boots

Meet me on the street; 5 white roses a kiss on the cheek; Hop into your car, take me to the south side wine bar; There's no spaces in between; There's only you and me; A flame that burns into the nigh...

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2. Doors

I'm feeling rough but it's alright; The windows are open it's warm outside; I'm hearing voices through the doors; Whispering like you got; Like, like, you got a secret; I'm hearing voices through the ...

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3. Fire

Slip me through your fingers; Like the cigarette you rolled outside; Breathe me in, smoke me out; Paper can't wrap fire; We bit our tongues; Sucked our lips into our lungs; Two years, too long; Wish i...

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4. Firecracker

Drank too much last night; Smoked that cigarette down to the line; The sun came up and I; I still feel like I'm high... I'm high; You walked in through the south side; You got that leather; You got th...

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5. Inhale

I'm feeling warm but no faded; I can barely speak but who needs words; When you're looking at me; I start to believe; That you are mad for me; I'm speechless 'cause I inhale your love; I'm speechless ...

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6. Jimmy Page

Mystic man, mystic man; Come rescue me; It's been so cold, I'm shivering; Mystic man, mystic man; Have you lost your way? Between he haunted houses that line the brick lanes; Is this all I can feel, w...

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7. Kaleidoscope Love

Shadow of the moon is on my wall; Mystic poets in a crystal ball; Mirrored piece of colour glass; Treasure hunters smokin' grass; Kaleidoscope love (x2); Collide with my love; Kaleidoscope love (x2); ...

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8. Sinful Youth

We taste of fire, like a rock n roll dream; Esquire rebel rider, dancing in ripped jeans; Stayin' up too late, live with no regrets; Spendin' cash money like we aint got debts; Let yourself go (x2); S...

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9. Wild Child

I'll be your wild child; Little sinister for awhile; Keeping me up and; You're keeping me low; I've got a secret for you; Oh, darling, what I wouldn't do; How you play your girls; Tell me something I ...

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10. Wild Roads

Find your way; Through the wild, wild roads; My lips will carry you home; Kiss me like you used to; Old books and old friends; Old records playing again; They say love is blind, but you'll find; Love,...

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