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1. Adore You

Oh Yeah...Oh Yeah...Oh Yeah...Yeah... ; i've been waiting enough; to describe the way i feel; can a silly crush; turn in to something so real? in a thousand ways; in a thousand hidden places; you have...

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2. Any Lucky Penny

Baby, look around; See that I'm nowhere to be found; You wanna feel me near; Then close your eyes and I'll appear; And dream of all of me without tears; Anything it takes to wish me here; Oh, magic an...

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3. Calling All Angels

Staring, moving, watching me; Oh, I can feel everywhere I turn; You're with me, ever feeling; Fearless to what can start to burn; Oh, when I lost control; You're the first one to know... aahh; Standin...

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4. Every Night I Fall

Woke up, got out of bed; Drag the covers back again; I heard the phone ring in the hall; And thought of you through it all... 'cause; Every night I fall; Every night I fall into you; You've got me in ...

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5. Fade

(Hassman); Can you see the world; Through a baby's eyes? Like once upon a time; When it all looked so big and bright; Don't you let yourself forget; Don't you lose the love inside you; CHORUS 1; Stay ...

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6. Feels Far

You must believe; And wait patiently; These are the words; That you say to me; Well, you say; We are growing close; You say close, but I say... ; Ooohhh, Ooohhh baby, feels far; Ooohhh, Ooohhh baby, f...

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7. I'll Be Around

I see you, see right through you; Your silent charade; That keeps you from feeling your pain; You've been stained and left to blame; And misunderstood; You doubt anyone sees what they should, but ... ...

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8. One Way Love

Waiting in the shadows; For your love to shine; All my senses reaching; For some sign of light; Waiting for the answers; That will free my heart and mind; You have kept me drifting; Somewhere far from...

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9. Only Give My Heart

You want your fantasies; A love that calms the sea inside you; That conquers all; Make you real, make you strong; Somthing to believe in; You've been waiting for; The one you can adore; To show you wh...

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10. Patience

Your voice is haunting me; Afraid and yet intrigued; One more step won't hurt; I'll get out before I'm burned; Reaching for just one touch; But then it's not enough; I feel this is wrong; Or is this w...

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11. Rapture Me

Tell me; How many restless feet; Have walk these empty streets? Hearts hazily sacrificed; For an uninspired life; I search for inspiration; A spark to stir my soul; In your love I am free; Oh, you rap...

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12. The Lonely Ones

I feel something stirring; Could it be that I'm alive? It's been so long since I've felt; Emotion rise; Exposing emptiness; Can be a painless paradise; An open canvas waiting; For someone to come insi...

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