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1. First

[Verse 1: Gabi]; Dear girl, whoever you are; It's me, the one from the start; He's yours, don't care at all; He'll break you, I'll watch you fall; You're great, but I am too; This isn't shade, I'm wit...

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2. Flowers

Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers; Coming through the darkness; I see you; Wishing it were real cause; Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers; The way you lit the candle; Then put out the fuse; Why I am ...

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3. Hair tie

[Verse 1: Gabi]; I'm singing this shit to you, baby; And I can't wait to get you all over me; I'm gonna spoil my baby; All night; Come and take this lipstick off my lips; Slip that dress off and let i...

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4. Let It Roar

Feel the fear; N the air; But we don't a baitturn the doubts to a cloud; And watch it float away; Fight our battles; Cages rattle; Break a wall; Watch it fall; Take em' bruises; Not afraid to lose it ...

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5. Make It Sting

If I told you, if I told you; If I told you something; You better, you better; Better not start running; I want you yeah, I want you; I want you more than it's cool to say; Cause no one can save me no...

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6. Out From Under You

Had my heartbeat underneath; your stone cold fingers on me; can't believe I called this love; Tied my dreams up so they couldn't run; Away when you said; That I wasn't good enough; [Pre-Chorus]; I wok...

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7. Ru

[Verse 1: Niki]; I'm in my head; Want you to learn me; You feel it yet; My wheels are turnin'; It's obvious; I like where we're goin'; Don't be shy; This is your moment; [Pre-Chorus: Niki]; Let's make...

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8. Sleep It Off

Shock waves let hearts fall on the floor; Somedays, a word can start a war; Cut deep and aiming for the core; We both lose what do we do it for? Scream and yell at me, take it out on each other; This ...

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